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Pregnancy Prep 60 caps

Pregnancy Prep 60 caps

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Product Description
Pregnancy Prep 60 caps

Many women need support in preparation for and during their pregnancy. Basic concepts to enhance this process include improving ovulation, supporting fertilization and implantation of the egg, tonifying the uterus, improving circulation, and providing optimal uterine health. Some of the herbs in this formulation have been time honored in traditional botanical usage and others have been studied in modern research for their ability to stimulate ovulation, normalize progesterone levels, and improve pregnancy rates.

Serving size 2 caps Tribulus terrestris extract (40% saponins) 750 mg Rhodiola rosea root extract(3% rosavin, 1% salidroside) 100 mg Chaste tree berry extract (.6% aucubin) 215 mg Chaste tree berry Vitex agnus castus 25 mg Raspberry leaf Rubus idaeus 45 mg Alfalfa leaf Medicago sativa 45 mg Dong quai Angelica sinensis 45 mg Motherwort leaf Leonurus cardiaca 45 mg Unicorn root Aletris farinosa 45 mg Amylase 2000 SKB Protease 7500 HUT Lipase 25 FIP Cellulase 25 CU Lactase 250 LACU

Suggested use: Two (2) capsules one to two times per day. Do not take Pregnancy Prep if on blood thinners.

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