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Adaptogen 75 caps

Adaptogen 75 caps
  • Promotes mental clarity and alertness
  • Supports healthy immune response and normal inflammatory response
  • Helps to maintain energy, vitality and physical stamina

Adaptogen is designed to support endocrine and immune functions and help support the body from the effects of chronic stress. This formula can reduce fatigue, nervous irritability and other signs of occasional stress, supporting the adrenal glands and promoting emotional well-being and energy. Because adrenal function assists in immune function, this Adaptogen formula supports general immune capacity.

Adaptogenic herbs, often referred to as tonics, support adrenal and immune function and enhance the bodyís ability to adapt to and cope with mental, physical and metabolic stress. Healthy adrenal gland function is essential to many physiological functions including energy generation, the ability to respond to and cope with stressful situations, and general immune response. Adaptogens have historically been used to increase energy and enhance stamina. Adaptogens also help to support the entire endocrine system including the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands.

Ashwaganda root is an adaptogen that relieves stress, promotes mental clarity, supports immune function and promotes physical stamina. Eleuthero root maintains energy and vitality while supporting mental alertness and cognition. Astragalus root is an immune tonic that contains cardioactive flavonoids. Codonopsis root is used to increase alertness and improve stress resistance. Fo-Ti root is traditionally used as a liver and kidney tonic, and may also support health and structure in muscles, tendons and bones. Devilís Club bark, an adaptogen of the Pacific Northwest, helps promote muscle relaxation.

Research on these plants has identified molecular constituents having immune and endocrine supportive functions and this Adaptogen formula provides these powerful herbs used traditionally to maintain general energy and vitality.

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