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Liver Support Px 75 Caps

Liver Support Px 75 Caps
Formulation Features:
  • Promotes liver health and hepatic cell activity
  • Supports important antioxidant defenses for the liver
  • Maintains a normal inflammatory response
  • Promotes the flow of bile

Our Liver Support Px formula is based on a traditional Ayruvedic blend of herbs combined with a very concentrated extract of Milk Thistle seed to create a high-potency formula designed to nourish, support and protect liver health and hepatic cell activity. The ingredients in this formula provide important antioxidant defense and have a long history of use for optimizing healthy liver function by maintaining a normal inflammatory response, promoting the flow of bile and supporting the liverís basic metabolic functions.

Silymarin, a flavonoid in Milk Thistle seed, is well known for its hepatoprotective effects. Silymarin supports the synthesis of protein in hepatic cells, defends the liver from free radicals, and supports glutathione and other enzyme levels that help the liver.

Tumeric protects the liver by supporting a normal inflammatory response. Curcumin, a flavonoid in Tumeric, provides antioxidant support to protect the liver cells and supports detoxification and hepatic function.

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