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Arthros Oral Spray 1 oz.
Arthros Oral Spray 1 oz.

Arthros Oral Spray 1 oz.

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Item #: VB-NP-VX0003
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Product Description
Indications for Use:
- Arthritic conditions
- Joint issues from an Auto-immune perspective
- Painful joints

1 - 5 spray(s), 1 - 3 time(s)/day Oral or topical 

Anti-Interleukin 1 6X, 200K Anti-inflammation
Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid 6X, 30K Cell respiration
Alpha Lipoic Acid 6X, 30K Anti-aging
Apomorphine 8X, 30K Pain Relief
Articulation Capsule 8X, 200K Regeneration
Ascorbic Acid 8X, 30K Anti-oxidant
Adrenal 8X, 200K Adrenal Support
BDNF 6X, 200K Regeneration
Beta Endorphin 6X, 200K Pain relief
bFGF 6X, 200K Regeneration
Coelliac plexus 8X, 200K Neurological support
Calcitonin 8X, 200K Calcium balance
Cartilage 6X, 200K Regeneration
Colchicum Autumnale 6C, 200K Drainage
Collagen 8X, 200K Regeneration
Erythrocytes 8X, 200K Immune support
IL-12 6X, 200K Immune support
Interferon gamma 6X, 200K Immune support
Liver 6X, 200K Drainage
Lymph Node 8X, 200K Immune support
Mesenchyme 6X, 200K Regeneration
Nadid 30K Cell respiration
Parathyroid 6X, 200K Regeneration
Placenta 6X, 200K Regeneration
Quinhydrone 30K Citric cycle support
Sulphur 30K Drainage
Vein 6X, 30K Regeneration

20% Alcohol

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