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Candida 1 Oral Spray 1 oz.
Candida 1 Oral Spray 1 oz.

Candida 1 Oral Spray 1 oz.

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Item #: VB-NP-VX0006
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Product Description
Indications for Use:
- Initial drainer for strong Candida overgrowth states
- Follow up with Candida +
- Addresses the environment which supports its growth & its by-products
- Dysbiosis
- Leaky gut

1-5 spray(s), 1 - 3 time(s)/day

Caffeic acid 6X, 200K Urogenital drainage
Candida Albicans 6X, 200K Dysbiosis
Chrysanthemum parthenium 30X, 200K Drainage
Hydrocotyle Asiatica 6X, 200K Drainage
Mannan 6X, 200K Drainage
Penicillin 6X, 200K Gut flora balance
Vaccinium Vitis Idaea 12X, 200K Intestinal balance
Vaccinium Vitis Idaea 2X Intestinal balance

20% Alcohol

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