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LM-911 8 oz

LM-911 8 oz

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Product Description
Ingredients: Chloride Magnesium Sulfate Potassium Sodium Calcium Bicarbonate Boron Phosphorus Vanadium Chromium Manganese Zinc Bromide Molybdenum Iodide Lithium Beryllium Nitrogen Silicon Scandium Titanium Cobalt Gallium Germanium Selenium Rubidium Palladium Silver Gold 40 others.

Each bottle contains 48 teaspoons

LM-911 is a unique formula of 70 essential minerals obtained from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It is the most easily assimilated mineral formula available. LM-911 consists of sea water drawn from condensed pools of water over 30 feet below the surface of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, then triple filtered to assure ultra-purity. It contains a concentration of minerals in a naturally occuring ionic state which is very similar to the mineral composition of healthy human blood. It is high in very assimilable forms of magnesium (250 mg averge per 1/2 teaspoon), yet low in sodium(4.5 mg averge per 1/2 teaspoon). In terms of cell uptake, LM-911 is the closest oral form of mineral supplementation to IV. It is far less expensive easy to take, and because it is so well absorbed into cells, requires lesser doses than oral chelated or other forms.

1/2 tsp supplies minerals and trace minerals including: Magnesium 250 mg Chloride 800 mg Sulphate 75 mg Potassium 1 mg Sodium 11 mg Lithium 3.5 mg Boron 1 mg

Plus the following in naturally occuring trace amounts: Calcium Rubidium Cobalt Barium Germanium Samarium Silicon Carbonate Scandium Zinc Copper Gold Ytterbium Nickel Bromide Phosphorus Titanium Molybdenum Silver Manganese Vanadium Fluoride Chromium Lanthanum Tin Cesium Yttrium Iron Iodine Strontium Cerium Gallium Beryllium Dysprosium

****Lead content .00005 mg per tsp Aluminum .01 mg per liter.

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